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What I love most about SouthEastern is that they are quick to respond. There was an issue recently with an air conditioning unit at a property that wasn’t cooling — I called SouthEastern and they were out that same afternoon. In the past, with other companies we’ve worked with, I have waited up to 5 days sometimes for someone to come out.

If I have questions about a quote or a system, SouthEastern takes the time to educate me. This really helps me become more knowledgeable, and that has saved me so much time when preparing estimates.

Whenever I meet or run into any of the technicians at a property,
they are always polite and professional.

Because they are working at individual properties, this is so important.

Cindy Jackson
Property Manager – Industrial Division
Taylor and Mathis, Inc.

When you deal with HVAC contractors, it usually feels like you’re dealing with dishonest, used-car salesmen. That is NOT the case with SouthEastern HVAC. SouthEastern is a hero! The air conditioning had broken at our rental house and the tenants were dealing with oppressive 98-degree heat... it was truly awful. Fortunately, I found SouthEastern HVAC. SouthEastern came to the rescue asap. Their technician thoroughly inspected the system and rather than up-sell and tell me that I needed to replace the whole thing, he actually took the time to educate me on what was wrong and answer all of my questions. He then offered multiple options for fixing the problem and moreover, gave advice for preventing it from happening in the future!

SouthEastern not only got my tenants back into cool, climate-controlled comfort,
they got ME as a customer for life.

I would recommend SouthEastern to anyone who is looking for expert help on his or her HVAC systems. Big or small, intricate or not, you can trust SouthEastern HVAC to come to the rescue. SouthEastern is extremely knowledgeable; takes great pride in their work, is very consultative and is incredibly trustworthy. It’s so rare to find anyone like that today, even more so in the HVAC industry. I’m so glad I did!

Eric Schelling
Head of Talent Acquisition
The Home Depot